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Xxan War



DAAHN RISING- Includes "Mating Season" and "Close Enough to Human"- It's MATING SEASON. Zondra Daahn has hit her quickening with both feet and no warning. She's on the prowl for a male to sate her, and Evan Duncan is just the overbearing, alpha male she needs. There are just a few little problems... In human years, she's not quite seventeen, she's the fleet Admiral's goddaughter, and the powerful Zhigaaah (sex pheromones) at her quickening may permanently tie Evan to her. Worse, being human means he can't bind her as a Xxannian male would and give her children...or can he?

Miri Johns is a negotiator for the Xxan. When it all blows up, she finds herself captured by humans, an illegal crossbred experiment used as a weapon against them. The best she can hope for is that they'll kill her without torturing her too badly first.

Aleeks Daahn is a natural-born crossbreed, raised on Earth. With Miri at the height of fertility, Aleeks may not be able to control the Xxan need to Dominate and claim his young prisoner. Nor does he want to control it. Are two crossbred Xxanians CLOSE ENOUGH TO HUMAN to survive in the human world?

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CROSSBRED SON- Abby Jacobs can't have children...or so she's been told. Gabe Zhaahvan is a crossbred Dominant Xxanian. Nothing is more important to him than family. Abby's only choice is to let him go, so Gabe can have what he wants in life. Why isn't life that simple?

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RAASHH DECISIONS- Includes "The Founding of Raashh's Nest", "The Business of Love" and "Subdominant Son"- Raashh was Daahn's second in command, a powerful Grae elder, now head of a crossbred nest of his own. The humans are restless, and it's not safe to be Xxanian on Earth. When Daveed Raashh hires a new designer for the Spice clothing line, both of them know it's not smart to get involved. But the heart doesn't follow the head, in THE BUSINESS OF LOVE.

A tragedy at birth left Arren Raashh a SUBDOMINANT in a nest full of Dominants...always lesser, always looked down upon. A chance meeting with Zondra Duncan brings something into Arren's life he never expected, a human woman looking for a man who will never cheat on her.

Tentative release date- 5 August 2014 from Phaze Books!






DAAHN BREAKING- Includes "Daahn Captured" and "Unexpected Binding"- Once upon a time, at the height of the Xxan-Human conflict, there was a Grea Elder with no equal on the battle field. When a lucky young major for the human forces captures him, Daahn is considered dead to his own. He's being held by barbarians, lorded over by the cocky Matthew MacNair. It takes years for Daahn to come to terms with the fact that the humans have redeeming qualities, besides the battle sense of one lone man. It takes a moment for one fertile human woman to catch his attention and seal all their fates.

Andy Daahn has found the woman he intends to make his mate, but as a responsible Dominant, he refuses to bind her to him until she has finished school and is settled into her life. There's one little complication. Human physiology isn't quite like Xxanian, and the differences may lead to an UNEXPECTED BINDING.

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QUICKENING- Sylvana Duncan seems to have escaped all the signs of being Xxan, save a precious few: allergies to certain medications, an intense reaction to biting cold...and a quickening. It's later than they usually come and without the Zhigaaah that might bind a human male accidentally. Neither does she want to be bound accidentally by a Xxanian male. She's just human enough that it's possible, after all. So, it's going to be a human man to sate her drives. Better yet, make it two dominant males with nice hard cocks. Jarrod and Joe are just what the doctor ordered, brothers with a taste for sharing their women. But Syl may be the one woman they can't forget, Zhigaaah or no.

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UNEXPECTED MATING- A mission to capture a Xxannian Elder has gone terribly wrong, and Earth's military is not listening to reason. Instead of capturing the Dominant himself, the team came back with unexpected prisoners...the Elder's mate and children. It's the worst thing that they could have done. Even if the Dominant wouldn't kill everyone in his way for this cowardly attack, keeping the Elder's mate separated from him means signing her death warrant. Worse, her infant son -- the Elder's only son -- will die with her. As if that's not complicated enough, the Elder's adolescent daughter is heading into her quickening. Adam Daahn is starting to wish he'd bagged ass before this particular run. Now he finds himself the only advocate for innocents caught in the middle of a war.

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